- An illustrator + graphic designer based in Dubai, UAE
- Grad : Pratt Institute . MS in Communication Design (2013)
- Undergrad : The University of the Arts . BFA in Illustration (2010)
- 100% Bedouin!

I was born and raised in Kuwait. Being bilingual informs my creative process. My fluency in two languages allows me to maintain a flexible and a hybrid approach when it comes to ideation and problem solving. I have found that I come up with vibrant and different concepts when brainstorming bilingually; and I have developed it as a habit to maintain a playful yet an ever changing approach. 

I reinforced my hand skills and attention to detail while apprenticing for Katie Baldwin in her Philadelphia based letterpress & printmaking studio. In a year I learned to letterpress and worked closely with type since I cleaned wood-type and distributed mountains of lead-type onto job-cases (the letterpress drawers with tiny compartments for each letter/ number/ mark in the alphabet). 

I have a soft spot for picture-books and I have a collection of children's picture-books. Music inspires me, what I listen to keeps me focused and sometimes a song can inspire an idea for an illustration. Bands I love include: Beirut + King Creosote & Jon Hopkins + Vampire Weekend + Sigur Rós ...
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