A year long project that explores the topic of ideating multilingually. By conducting experiments with prompts that require the usage of more than one language, I aim to create an atmosphere of discovery and multiplicity of viewpoints. In multilingual brainstorming creative individuals will produce rich hybrid concepts based on the commingling of languages and distinct cultural worldviews.

The project resulted in written research in the form of a book + booklet of assignments + curriculum development in the form of a class matching the policies and objectives of Pratt Institute +  various experiments and collected responses.
Printing methods: B&W + Risograph Duplicator + Vellum
Binding: Tri-fold hidden wiro + double cover fold to contain booklet inside the book
Installation showcasing my book + booklets + cards from an experiment + poster series
Introduction divider page: vellum paper (B&W) + Risogrpah print
detail of Introduction divider page
Chapter 1: Language and Culture
Chapter 2: Multilingual Ideation and Inspiration
Chapter 3: Assignments
Chapter 4: Objects and Cultural Artefacts
Chapter 5: Tactics for Multilingual Creatives
Interview spread (Djinane Alsuwayeh) two of her portfolio pieces are showcased in the middle of the interview spread 
Interview spread (Dina Khalifé) her work is showcased in the middle of the spread, printed on vellum
Interview spread (Anke Weckmann) her work is showcased in the middle of the spread, printed on vellum
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